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Richard Streb Memorial Library

Richard Streb Memorial Library

Outside of the schools there are no literacy services for children or adults and many children are unable to attend due to the need to work or support their families because of the absence of a parent. There are no establishments to inspire young children with a love of reading and learning.

There are no community centers that provide information relating to agricultural work or micro-lending, two major aspects in the development of the community. In Nicaragua one in five adults (ages 15 and up) is illiterate. The Richard Streb Memorial Library will fulfill these needs, improving the education of the community as a whole. Because of a lack of public transportation and the fact that Chacraseca covers a large geographic area, a mobile library will be established to ensure that the entire community has access to the library’s services.

The library services will include: reading groups for children and their parents; early learning reading classes; adult learning classes; literacy classes in Spanish and English; support for teachers in building their curriculums using a wider base of resources; technology access and training. Serving the needs of both children and adults, the tools and skills learned will enable many to break the cycle of poverty. The library project is supported by a variety of organizations including FNEI, Students for 60,000, and a Nicaraguan organization, the San Isidro Association.

The Richard Streb Memorial Library was inaugurated in June of 2014 and is currently functioning. Over 3,000 books are in the library with several hundred more on the way through ongoing donations by the FNEI community. Computers have also been donated and many are currently up and running with more to make the journey to Nicaragua soon. Library programming will continue to be developed by the three staff members, who are also members of the Chacraseca community. The current library staff includes a Director, a Music Program Director, and a Head of Children’s Programming. All three work together to coordinate programs and make sure the Library is utilized as much as possible. Right now the community programming running through the library includes health education, focus groups, a campaign FNEI organizes against domestic violence in Nicaragua, and other special events such as a psychology screening day, and annual health fair. We hope to continue adding to these community programs, and to the Library itself in the future with the support of the entire FNEI community.

How You Can Help

The library needs donated books. Here is a list of books we are seeking:

  • Educational (school) and research books – ages 5 through college
  • Spanish –first to fifth grade – URGENT NEED
  • Math
  • Natural Science
  • Social Studies
  • Geography of Nicaragua
  • World Geography
  • American History
  • Changing Geography of Nicaragua
  • History of Nicaragua – Germán Romero
  • Atlas of Nicaragua
  • World Atlas
  • Atlas of Natural Sciences
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Books of Nicaraguan Folk music
  • Books by national authors
  • Books by Nicaraguan authors
  • Music books
  • Coexistence in primary schools: strategies for dealing with conflict (convivencia, primara combo)
  • Coexistence in secondary schools: strategies for dealing with conflict (convivencia, secundaria combo)

Here are supplies we need:

  • Bottles of glue
  • Permanent markers
  • Color pencils
  • Crepe paper
  • Color tissue paper
  • Graph paper
  • Writing notebooks
  • Manila folders (letter and legal sizes)
  • Lined writing paper
  • White paper
  • Color Construction Paper
  • Google eyes-crafts

We are looking for copy paper to offer free copies to local teachers on our copier. This will probably double our copying and need for copy paper.

Please note: We also have an Amazon wish list where you can purchase books that will be sent to the library directly.

Supplies can be sent to:

FNE International
1 Torpie St #3
Boston, MA 02120

And of course monetary donations are always appreciated as we purchase the furniture and other materials for the completed library. We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of the FNEI community in their donations of books, computers, and library materials.

Please contact Lourdes Ojeda Hernandez with any questions.