Cusco, Peru Medical Trip

Who are we?

We are a group of PA students, PA-Cs, and MDs from the Boston area. Together we will be working for 5 days in various clinics with Dr. Morales, a Peruvian physician who guides our medical efforts within the Sacred Valley area of Cusco, Peru. We are the third consecutive group of students to work with FNEI to provide quality medical service in this area, and are very excited about the opportunity to work towards increasing global access to quality healthcare.

Our Project:

We are traveling with FNEI to Peru to provide sustainable and efficient medical work at a different clinic each day for the week of our stay. We will be traveling to various areas of Cusco, Peru for clinic days, and will be staying in Urubamba, Peru in a homestay with a local family. During the week, we will travel to clinics and work alongside the local medical professionals and Dr. Morales to best serve the communities in solidarity with their resources and their needs.

We will not only be providing medical care to these populations, but we will also be engaging in well-visits and health education lessons in order to increase both the health care awareness and the self care aspects of sustainability.

These projects are important to further the access of health care and to instill continuing health education throughout this rural area. While at the same time, these experiences will allow for us to expand our own understanding of health as future and current medical professionals.

How can you help?

Your donations will directly contribute to purchasing prescription medicines, vitamins, medical supplies, and educational supplies needed for each clinic we visit. We will need a minimum of $5000 to purchase all necessary materials for every patient in need.

Your support is much appreciated by us students and each community we will be working with!