FUCPE School Project

At Villa Caoba, La Romana, education seems like a luxury to some children. Villa Caoba is one of the poorest communities in the province. Many of the children who live there lack documentation, thus have limited access to the public education system. In an attempt to help this population, Elvitaña Roberto and other women from La Romana founded FUCPE, a school that covers education from Pre-K until Firth grade. The school started operating in year. It is not subsidized by the Dominican government, but receives some support from organizations like FNEI.

In 2018, a group of FNEI volunteers traveled to FUCPE to get to know, firsthand, the needs of the school and children in the community. With a team of architects from the United States and Dominican Republic, we have designed the FUCPE School Project. This new school will not only have a beautiful infrastructure; it will improve the quality of education and dignify the educational environment for children of Villa Caoba. It will not only provide Pre-K to Fifth grade education, but it will also give children who do not have access to higher education, the opportunity to receive vocational training.

With your support, the FUCPE School Project will be a reality. You will help the children of Villa Caoba become great contributors to their community and make a better society.