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Finca Girasol

Our school-farm “Finca Escuela Girasol” is an educational and productive space in which agroecology is promoted. Our mission is to disseminate the benefits of sustainable agriculture by training both students and local farmers and as well as raise awareness about the importance of food security. We are located in the rural community of Chacraseca, approximately 10 km outside of the city of Leon, Nicaragua.

This farm is characterized by its use of agroecological production methods that are based on the principles of ecology and sustainability. These methods include the rotation of crops, composting, the biological control of pests and the use of seeds native to Nicaragua.

Finca Escuela Girasol’s principal benefits to the community include:

Educational workshops for students: We receive local agroecology and agronomy university students for short-term internships and educational workshops, as well as high school and primary school students for educational tours.

Training for farmers: We serve as a model farm for organic production and offer training workshops for beginner and experienced farmers. This training provides farmers with the skills and the knowledge necessary to produce food sustainably.

Awareness-raising of the benefits of agroecology: Our school farm organizes events and activities to educate the community about agroecology and their benefits. This outreach helps to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable organic agriculture.

Biodiversity: We strive to increase biodiversity, which has been steadily decreasing in recent years in Nicaragua due to the destruction of forests for farming, livestock raising, urban sprawl and hunting.

Support for local schools: Our team supports schools in Chacraseca as well as a school in Chichigalpa with the creation and maintenance of school gardens.

Sale of organic pesticides and fertilizers: We commercialize our products on a small scale to encourage their use by farmers and local families.

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