Support Teacher Program

In 2010, an auxiliary/support teacher program was started in Chacraseca, Nicaragua. This program began with 8 elementary teachers in some of the schools in the community for several reasons: the lack of qualified teachers, lack of job positions with the Ministry of Education, and the increase of students attending schools. At the beginning of the program, a support teacher was assigned to a base teacher. This has now changed to assigning an entire class to these support teachers. Since our auxiliary teachers have all graduated with education-related majors, we considered that it was essential to continue with this type of program to improve children’s education in our community.

Teacher’s Description

“My name is Benita Mercedes Vivas Acosta. I am 25 years old and I live in the sector of Puerta de Piedra. I have a bachelor degree in Social Sciences and I am currently getting another bachelor in Primary Education. I have been part of the Support/Auxiliary Teacher Program for the last six year and this year also part of the FNEI Scholarship Program.

This year I was assigned the 4th grade at the Instituto Alberto Berrios Delgadillo in the sector of Pedro Arauz of Chacraseca, and I teach to 16 children. In addition to receiving a monthly stipend to cover my expenses to continue with my studies, I have been able to receive theory and strategic principles in my major. Having the opportunity to practice with my students at the same time has benefitted me in a great manner because this helps me with my professional development.

Thanks to FNE International for this program; it is a very powerful resource because we are providing support not only to the schools we teach but the entire community of Chacraseca through the education system.”