Trip Reflections – Jon Hwang

Dear Michael and FNE International,

Words cannot really capture all the thoughts and feelings that I had experienced while in Nicaragua.  Hopefully we were able to make a small impact on the communities we visited and the patients we treated.  However, I believe this trip and each of the people I encountered had a much bigger and unexpected impact on me. 

The encouragement that I got from the providers all and the trust in me was incredible and uplifting.  Each of the providers had a different approach to teaching us and we were extremely lucky to learn from them all.  The confidence instilled in me is fuel that I’ll use for some time to come.  Thank you.

Being that this was a spring break trip, I expected to have a great time, but it was such a welcome surprise to gain new friends.  Hearing the perspective of current PA students, knowing what they have been through, and their view on what lies ahead is has been more valuable than gold.  There is no other group that I would rather sleep outside in the moonlight with until the roosters wake us.  The friendships made during this trip will last a lifetime.

As a career changer, I was also lucky to have shared this experience with others looking to make a change.  It was great getting to know them, their challenges, and what made them consider a career in healthcare. It was so comforting to know that I’m not alone in taking a leap into something new.  

I will never forget this week.  It was a pleasure and honor, and I hope that it is not the last. 

Thank you for this experience.