This New House – Mendez Vivas Family

For the past four years, the Mendez Vivas family have benefited from the housing program of our organization. Mercedes (mother, wife and teacher), expressed that April 2016 was a year of double blessing- the construction of their home began in their neighborhood of Puerta de Piedra when their daughter was just only a few weeks old.

We’re very grateful for Mercedes as she was one of our voluntary teachers for many years, teaching social sciences at the Alberto Berrios school in Chacraseca. Her family consistently paid their housing payment installments on time and even paid in full before the due date.

“There are no words to describe the gratitude that we have for FNE and its donors because this house has changed our lives. FNE trusted us and the best way for us to demonstrate our appreciation was to pay our project fees in 3 years, because this way you can continue to help more families. Now we have a beautiful home that is safe, spacious, and above all, something that our daughter can inherit” added Lesther (father, husband and agricultural worker).