Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Dear Future Supporter,

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this important cause. We are a group of medical professionals from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts including PA-Cs, nurses, emergency technicians, physical therapists and more who have come together to serve a common cause.

We are traveling with the nonprofit FNE International to Nicaragua for medical service. For several years FNEI has been serving this region of Nicaragua with regular medical trips including acute care, specialty referrals and follow up, preventative medicine including cervical cancer screenings and medical education.

We will be traveling within the region of Chacraseca and running clinics in locations where there is very limited access to medical care, working alongside local Nicaraguan physicians and other medical professionals to best serve the communities in solidarity with their resources and their needs. The clinics will last five days, and in recent years we have seen and treated over 400 patients. We will also be engaging in well-visits and health education in order to increase both health care awareness and continue on FNEI’s mission to make a sustainable change.

How you can help: Your donations will directly contribute to purchasing prescription medications, vitamins, medical supplies and equipment needed for each clinic we visit. If we reach our goal of $5000, we will also be able to fund a house for a local Nicaraguan family as part of FNEI’s housing project. Your support is much appreciated both by us and by this incredible community we are privileged to be able to serve.